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How much does it cost to open a DriveKindness franchise?

Our franchise investment range is $70,000-$91,000. See More

What is the franchise fee?

Our franchise fee is $40,000 for a single DriveKindness territory, $95,000 for a 3-pack, and $140,000 for a 5-pack. See More

Are there any financial requirements I should know about?

We require our franchise candidates to have at least $150,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of at least $350,000. See More

Is there a royalty fee?

Yes- our royalty fee is 5% weekly.

Did DriveKindness REALLY start after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic?

 Yes- Our Founder, 40-year veteran restaurateur Rene Prats, was directly inspired to create DriveKindness after witnessing the events of the pandemic and its subsequent impact on the industry he loved. Motivated to help restaurant owners stay in business, Prats developed the DriveKindness business model, and the rest is soon to be history! See more

How are you able to offer 0.25% shares of your parent company to Franchise Owners?
As a new company that was founded in 2020, we understand the importance of the role our first 20 Franchise Owners will play in our organization, not to mention how they will help us shape the future of DriveKindness. We decided that part-ownership of our parent company was the best way to say “thank you!” (Side note: this deal won’t be around much longer- we’ve only got a few inaugural Owner spots left!) See more
Are there any financing options available?

Yes- we’ve partnered with Benetrends to help qualified franchise candidates secure funding.  See more

How long will it take to open my DriveKindness franchise?

The typical ramp-up time is about 90-120 days after signing the franchise agreement. This gives Franchise Owners enough time to recruit restaurants and drivers before the official launch of the business.

Do I need to operate out of a designated storefront or office?

No- as a home-based business, DriveKindness Franchise Owners can operate right out of their home offices. No need to rent storefront or office space!

What are the hours of operation?

Our software can run 24/7, so hours of operation will depend on the Franchise Owner, their market, and the hours of operation of their partner restaurants.

What does a typical day in the life of a DriveKindness Franchise Owner look like?

 A DriveKindness Franchise Owner is responsible for the following daily duties:

  • Recruiting restaurants
  • Recruiting delivery drivers
  • Resolving any IT or customer service issues
  • Ensuring safety for drivers and consumers
  • Overseeing employees
  • Business admin activities
Do I actually have to perform deliveries myself?

No- our Franchise Owners oversee a network of delivery drivers via their Vromo dashboard, and remain on hand in their home office to help with any issues that may arise. 

How will I keep track of my orders, pending deliveries, available drivers, and other logistical concerns?
With the customized Vromo dashboard, all the real-time information our Franchise Owners need is right at their fingertips! This easy-to-use platform allows DriveKindness Owners a comprehensive overview of all pending and completed orders, deliveries, and more!
Is it necessary to have restaurant industry experience to own a DriveKindness?
We love welcoming Franchise Owners with experience in food service, but it is not a must. We are more interested in partnering with Franchise Owners who possess business acumen, tech savvy, and a strong focus on community. See more
Do I need an advanced tech degree or a background in IT to own and operate a DriveKindness?
Though we’re on the lookout for tech-savvy individuals who understand computing basics, an IT background is not necessary to own and operate a DriveKindness franchise. Our user-friendly Vromo platform makes it easy for Franchise Owners to run their business, and our support network is available to assist with troubleshooting when necessary.
I'm interested in owning multiple DriveKindness territories in my community. Is this something I will be able to do?

Absolutely! We love multi-unit Franchise Owners, and welcome entrepreneurs who are interested in building a DriveKindness empire in their region.

Do I need to have delivery drivers on payroll?

No- your delivery drivers will act as independent contractors, and can even deliver for other third-party companies in their off-time if desired. This allows for a flexible schedule for your drivers as well as fewer payroll headaches for our Owners!

How many staff members will I need to hire?

Depending on the market and territory, we suggest 3-5 full-time employees, who will be responsible for recruiting restaurants and drivers. Since your delivery drivers will be acting as independent contractors, they do not count as full-time payroll employees.

How does the business work?

Our Franchise Owners partner with restaurants in the community and leverage their already existing delivery platform. Customers order directly from the restaurant app or website and we act as their delivery service through it. We allow the restaurant to be the star and only charge a flat rate between $1.22 and $3.22 per delivery versus the 20 – 30% our competition does. This means that by using DriveKindness, restaurant owners can save up to 60% on their delivery program!

How does DriveKindness give back to the community?
With the current state of the world and the abundance of negativity on platforms such as social media, we have created a business built on the premise of kindness. Not only do we help restaurants, drivers, and the end consumer but we add inspirational sticky notes into every order and donate 2% of monthly gross sales to local food banks to help those in need.
Is the model proven enough if it was founded in 2020?

DriveKindness was founded in 2020 out of the pandemic, but our Founder Rene Prats has been intimately involved in owning and operating restaurants for 40 years. He knows the restaurant industry (and the ongoing delivery problem) extremely well and knew there was a need for a business like DriveKindness. Not only that, but statistics show delivery is here to stay so the industry is not going anywhere. We are also offering our first 20 Owners .25% of the parent company because we know their insight will be important.

Why would I choose DriveKindness over opening a restaurant?

With the average investment in a restaurant at $500K and DriveKindess starting at $70K with minimal overhead and fewer headaches, it is easy to see why those with restaurant experience are gravitating towards the brand!   

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